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09 Şubat 2024 - 22:20


Benetti: In Search of Italian Perfection

Since 1873, Benetti has been making Italian elegance and craftsmanship a worldwide brand.

By not only imagining it but presenting it tangibly, Benetti offers a unique experience that has managed to attract elites around the world. The iconic portrait of Prince Rainier III with Grace Kelly at Benetti Gabbiano in Monte Carlo Bay symbolizes this experience. Likewise, Queen’s song “Khashoggi’s Ship”, about Freddy Mercury’s experience aboard the most famous yacht of its time, M/Y Nabila, has become part of Benetti’s legendary legacy.

The Benetti shipyard traces its origins to the shipyards Fratelli Benetti, founded in Viareggio in 1873, and Fratelli Orlando, founded in Livorno in 1866.

Since Fratelli Benetti’s foundation in Viareggio, the shipyard has launched more than 100 sailing ships. Similarly, the Fratelli Orlando shipyard in Livorno, founded in 1866, is one of the oldest shipyards in Italy and has hosted historic events such as the Morosini Sleigh.

Benetti has earned a reputation as a boutique shipyard for the global elite. Benetti Gabbiano in the bay of Monte Carlo is a window of Italian elegance to the world.

In 1961, Benetti became a pioneer of luxury motor yachts by switching from wood to steel. This step is a success story that has gone beyond the shipyard’s initial dreams.

Luxury Motor Yachts have become a symbol of the Italian shipyard’s combination of comfort, technology and quality.

Benetti’s history includes stories associated with legendary personalities and many important names from the world of cinema and art. For example, the 86-meter M/Y “Nabila”, built at the request of Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi, has attracted attention as one of the most luxurious and modern motor yachts in the world. In addition, Sean Connery’s performance in the movie “Never Say Again” was not forgotten in “Nabila”, where some scenes from James Bond movies were shot. Similarly, the song “Khashoggi’s Ship” from Queen’s album “The Miracle” describes the legendary parties held on the ship.

In 1985, after 111 years of family business, the Azimut group, led by Paolo Vitelli, took over the Benetti Shipyard. Under this new management, Benetti’s product range has expanded and great success has been achieved in the Luxury Pocket Yachts segment.

In 2000, Benetti launched the 70-meter M/Y Reverie, which attracted attention with the elegance of its exterior lines and interior comfort. This yacht offers its passengers an unforgettable experience by offering luxury features such as a Turkish bath, barber shop and a fully equipped technical gym.

Benetti always continues to turn imagination into reality with its unique and extraordinary experiences.

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