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Concept Yachts

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10 Şubat 2024 - 21:13

Concept Yachts

Concept Yachts: Professional Approach and Technical Support
Concept Yachts is a company founded in 2003 and consists of six international mobile divisions: Concept Composites, Concept Yacht Finishing, Concept Teak, Cybermarine and Concept Consultancy. The company aims to meet the needs of the sector by providing technical support and consultancy services in specialized sectors.

Professional Approach
Concept Yachts makes a difference in the industry by offering a “hands-on” approach in technical support and consultancy services. The experience and knowledge gained from years of working in the composite and yacht coating industries has brought the company to a leading position in the industry.

Identification of Problems and Solution-Oriented Approach
The company identified the problems shipyards around the world were experiencing with flexible staffing requirements and realized that these problems were resulting in unprepared projects. To address these issues, Concept Yachts has a team of subcontractors. This team consists of over 45 advanced composite technicians and superyacht coating experts.

Broad Capabilities and Solutions
Concept Yachts has the capabilities to handle projects of all sizes. The breadth and expertise of the company’s team provides the flexibility and reliability to meet all the requirements necessary to realize the full potential of each project. Concept Yachts has the equipment and expertise necessary to meet the needs of its customers and successfully complete their projects.

Concept Yachts has become a reliable name in the industry with its professional approach and solution-oriented approach. It is a company committed to providing the highest quality service to its customers and completing its projects on time and within budget.

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