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Darekco Texas

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11 Şubat 2024 - 15:11

Darekco Texas

Darekco Texas: A Favorite of Sea Enthusiasts

DarekCo continues to be a favorite of sea enthusiasts since 1984. With many years of experience in the boat builders market, it offers quality and reliable products to its customers.

DarekCo, which started out with small rowing boats, has now expanded its production range and offers motor boats up to 8.00 meters long to its customers. Our products include various options such as walking baths, carrying boxes and pedal boats. Ideal for those who love water sports and active recreation, our products have designs that suit the needs of the users.

Darekco Texas products are exhibited at major international boat shows around the world. Our products meet maritime enthusiasts in many cities from Düsseldorf to London, from Hamburg to Helsinki. Moreover, all our boats have CE and safety certificates that certify their compliance with European Union standards, thus offering our customers a safe and quality marine experience.

Darekco Texas continues to be the indispensable choice of sea enthusiasts. With years of experience and quality products, DarekCo always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

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