Dufour Yachts

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11 Şubat 2024 - 18:06

Dufour Yachts

Dufour Yachts: French Luxury Yacht Builder

Dufour Shipyard is a new establishment that has been operating in the Rochelais area for over 50 years and has made a strong contribution to the local maritime ritual. With a production capacity of 18,000 square meters and 420 full-time employees, Dufour is one of the largest shipyards in the world.

In 1957, young engineer Michel Dufour discovered the use of polyester in sailboat components. Since then he has explored the perfection of boats with his passion for cruising yachts, measurement rules and hydrodynamic limits. Following these passions and relationships, he launched a portable sailboat into the market in 1964, which he named “Sylphe”.

Dufour Yachts Design Office collaborates closely with world-renowned naval architect Umberto Felci. This collaboration gave birth to Dufour sailboats, which provide the perfect combination of elegance, performance and comfort. All Dufour Yachts are 100% French-made, imagined, designed and manufactured in La Rochelle. Approximately 400 models are produced annually, adhering to quality and excellence efficiency at every stage.

Dufour Yachts has become a symbol of elegance and excellence in the maritime world. With years of history and constant progress, it always aims to exceed the expectations of maritime enthusiasts.

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