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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:20


Moonen: Pioneer of Luxury Yachting
Moonen is a bold and distinctive brand with a long history among luxury yacht builders in the Netherlands. It is operated by a team focused on creating works of art superyachts, each reflecting the client’s personal style. During the design process, customers are guided at every step, making strategic choices regarding the design of the yacht.

From Past to Present
Moonen has remained true to its tradition of building luxury yachts for more than half a century. The company’s rich heritage and unique vision are maintained and expanded by passionate professionals coming together. By always keeping up with changing market conditions, Moonen continues to be a pioneer and offer the best to its customers.

Philosophy: Personal Approach and Perfectionism
Moonen takes a personal approach to every detail. It pushes the boundaries of nature and science to pioneer unlimited performance, style and safety. Curiosity and perfectionism are part of the company’s DNA, and each of its yachts is designed for maximum living enjoyment both at sea and in port.

Construction Process and Masters
Moonen’s craftsmen are the company’s greatest asset. Each of them has been with the company for many years and their creativity makes Moonen’s yachts unique. Facilities in the courtyard include interior design and engineering offices, carpentry shop, metalworking workshop and paint shop.

Design and Construction Process
Moonen collaborates with the best modern yacht designers to make its customers’ dreams come true. Customers may want to create a fully customized superyacht, or they may prefer proven platforms for faster delivery. The construction process usually takes at least two years, depending on the customer’s demands and natural forces.

Build for the Crew
Moonen Yachts emphasizes the importance of intelligent design and engineering to ensure that the captain and crew have a comfortable and functional experience. Backed by an international support network, the crew keeps reliable and elegant Moonen yachts sailing the ocean.

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