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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:30

Naval Yachts

Naval Yachts: Trail of Sails and Dreams
Naval Yachts started as Naval Studio as a design and engineering office in 2008. Since then, it has made a name for itself in the maritime world with its quality workmanship, innovative approach and excellent service.

Engineering Excellence:
Naval Yachts is at the forefront of engineering. Our experienced team of engineers realizes sailing and motor yacht designs with the latest technology and extensive knowledge. Its award-winning projects, yachts from 8 to 61 meters made from different materials such as aluminium, steel, wood and GRP, are a testament to Naval Yachts’ engineering expertise.

Excellence in Facilities:
Naval Yachts has modern facilities on an area of 8,000 square meters in Antalya Free Zone. In facilities with the highest standards in terms of safety and worker health, every detail has been meticulously considered. Customers are equipped with security cameras to monitor the construction process 24/7.

Full Customization:
Each yacht is customized to suit the owner’s unique tastes and needs. Naval Yachts turns its customers’ dreams into reality by expertly using technologies such as CAD and CNC. Customers’ wishes are given priority at every stage, and the result is a completely unique and personalized yacht.

After sales service:
Naval Yachts prioritizes the satisfaction of yacht owners. With a worldwide technical support network, customers’ needs are always met. Reliable warranty and service approach make Naval Yachts a preferred brand in the industry.

High Quality / Price Ratio:
Naval Yachts offers competitive prices without compromising on quality. All production processes are managed and controlled by the company, providing customers with the highest level of confidence. In addition, meticulousness in the project management process and on-time delivery policy reinforce Naval Yachts’ leading position in the industry.

Secure Payment Terms:
Naval Yachts offers reasonable payment terms for a sustainable construction process. A collaboration environment in which both parties feel safe is provided for customer satisfaction and the success of the project.

Naval Yachts has proven its quality and excellence as a brand in the maritime world. Each yacht is not just a ship, but also a work of art and a living space. Naval Yachts will continue to be the first choice of maritime enthusiasts with its determination and expertise in making these dreams come true.

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