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Oceanis Yacht 60

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04 Ağustos 2023 - 18:31

Oceanis Yacht 60

Oceanis Yacht 60: Zarafet ve Mükemmelliğin Buluşması

Oceanis Yacht 60: Elegance and Excellence Meet

Indispensable for sailing enthusiasts, Oceanis Yacht 60 has one of the most mysterious silhouettes of sailing with its hull length of nearly 18 meters. Remarkable with its innovative design and excellent nautical characteristics, this superb yacht offers an experience focused on defect and safety.

Exterior Design: The Oceanis Yacht60 stands out thanks to its new cockpit layout. Convenience and safety are at the forefront of the design, access to the export, deep side passages to ensure the same. Two rudder rooms, making it possible to perform all maneuvers without leaving the rudder, making it easy to provide. At the same time, systems such as Ship Control and Seanapps provide control of all building systems, making cleaning easier.

Bimini is offered in two different configurations. The rigid version has a central chamber that slides out towards adjusting the guard aisles in the cockpit, allowing the crew to balance protection and ventilation where they can find the best compromise. The generous boat garage is home to a 2.8-metre jet-powered boat, making launching and lifting effortless, and set off with rollers with a double-wire system and lifts powered by an electric winch.

Interior Design: Oceanis Yacht60 dazzles with its interior design. The long galley located in the center of the boat allows it to be combined with storage and cooling facilities. The spacious hall, which can comfortably seat six people, invites soft coops and gathering around the elegant table. The curved chart table allows the navigator to attend to all the details on the ship, while the fine upholstery and wood features in the private cabins create a stylish and luxurious atmosphere.

The Oceanis Yacht60 is offered in three-cabin and three-head versions. The standard option with walnut veneer can also be replaced with an optional light oak veneer. Quality wooden features designed in harmony with large lacquered white surfaces and upholstery create a unique ambience on the yacht.

Result: Oceanis Yacht 60 stands out as a yacht where maritime world elegance and perfection meet. It offers an unforgettable experience for sailors by prioritizing details in interior and exterior design, comfort and ease of use. Memorable in every way, the Oceanis Yacht 60 promises an unforgettable sea voyage.

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