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Sancak Yatçılık

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27 Şubat 2024 - 11:14

Sancak Yatçılık

Sancak Yachting: A Perfect Experience at Sea with the Milda SVT-30 Model

Sancak Yachting, an exciting option for maritime enthusiasts, draws attention with its Milda SVT-30 model. This model is equipped with 2 x 200 HP Evinrude engines, offering the ability to reach speeds of 45 mph at sea. Standing out with both its performance and equipment, this boat offers a perfect option for sea lovers.

Sancak Yachting’s standard equipment information reveals superior quality and attention to detail. The wooden materials used in the construction of the boat were selected from durable species such as ash, mulberry, elm and oak. While furniture is generally produced from mahogany or teak wood, durability and quality is ensured by using epoxy glue and chrome staples during lamination. Additionally, all hardware supplies are branded Würth.

The painting process is carried out with the application of Duratek brand epoxy fiber and thus the boat is protected against the harmful effects of the sun for a long time. Standard equipment includes many accessories such as head pulley, dovetails, tarpaulin, kitchen granite, chrome sink and faucets, telescopic rails, stove, refrigerator, CD player, LCD TV. In addition, it is equipped with important items such as electrical installation, bilge engine, large stone toilet, hydrophore, magnifier and fish finder.

The windows of the boat are made of fiberglass material and are enriched with details such as 316 quality chrome railings, landing ladder and chrome handles. All chrome screws have been chosen by the Würth brand to increase reliability.

Sancak Yachting aims to offer a perfect experience to sea lovers with the Milda SVT-30 model. With its quality materials, superior performance and detailed equipment, this model is an ideal option to meet the expectations of marine enthusiasts.

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